CNN interview with David Cameron

2020-06-26T09:27:35+00:00 25 June 2020|

David Cameron discusses the need for a new Global Virus Surveillance Organisation on CNN

COVID shows that a new Global Virus Surveillance Organisation is needed

2020-06-24T09:53:29+00:00 24 June 2020|

David Cameron writes in The Times about the need for a new international body to sound the alarm earlier

David Cameron launches new Council on State Fragility

2020-06-16T18:14:26+00:00 16 June 2020|

Council warns of the unique dangers COVID-19 poses to the world's most fragile states

David Cameron congratulates Keren Hayesod on their centenary

2020-05-30T10:52:00+00:00 19 May 2020|

In this their centenary year, David Cameron sends a message of congratulations to Keren Hayesod.

Public Hall: where Silicon Valley meets Westminster

2020-03-23T09:10:41+00:00 12 March 2020|

David Cameron visits Public Hall to meet firms transforming the way government does things.

David Cameron gives Patchwork Foundation ‘Masterclass’

2020-03-23T09:08:45+00:00 3 March 2020|

Hannah Kaufman writes about Patchwork Foundation's 2020 ‘Masterclass’ with David Cameron.

David Cameron meets City of London students

2020-03-18T15:19:59+00:00 13 February 2020|

David Cameron leads discussion with Sixth Form students from the City’s Family of Schools.

David Cameron meets ONE Campaign’s Youth Ambassadors

2020-02-14T17:38:19+00:00 11 February 2020|

David discusses the importance of advocacy in international development with ONE’s Youth Ambassadors.

Technology can help us fight dementia [VIDEO]

2020-02-13T11:46:26+00:00 11 February 2020|

David Cameron writes in The Telegraph about how big data can help us find the cure for Alzheimer's.

David Cameron congratulates PM on election victory

2020-01-08T13:32:35+00:00 13 December 2019|

Statement from David Cameron following the result of the December 2019 General Election.

David Cameron hosts meeting with BCC Singapore

2020-01-08T13:31:02+00:00 27 November 2019|

During a visit to Singapore, David Cameron hosted a lunchtime meeting with the British Chambers of Commerce Singapore to discuss opportunities for UK trade and business in the Asia Pacific region.

Embracing a Digital Future: interview with PUBLIC

2020-01-08T13:36:28+00:00 12 November 2019|

Ahead of the 2019 GovTech Summit, Co-founder of PUBLIC, Alexander de Carvalho, interviewed David Cameron about designing innovation policies and digitalising the UK government.

David Cameron’s memoirs, For the Record, published

2019-09-19T07:18:02+00:00 19 September 2019|

David Cameron’s much anticipated autobiography, For the Record, is published today. ‘The political memoir of the decade' (Sunday Times).

Genomics as a catalyst for innovation

2019-09-14T11:05:48+00:00 12 September 2019|

David Cameron discusses how the UK is unlocking the power of the genome at the International Summit on Population Genomics.

David Cameron visits Oxford Drug Discovery Institute

2019-09-09T16:41:48+00:00 5 July 2019|

David Cameron learns more about how collaboration in dementia research is helping the development of new treatments.

Using investment to boost overseas development

2019-09-09T16:41:50+00:00 19 June 2019|

David Cameron visits CDC Group (formerly the Commonwealth Development Corporation), the UK’s development finance institution.

Increasing NCS participation in the independent sector

2019-09-09T16:41:53+00:00 7 June 2019|

David Cameron meets with the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference to discuss National Citizen Service.

David Cameron backs new National Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre [VIDEO]

2019-09-09T16:13:57+00:00 7 May 2019|

Prime Ministers past and present come together to support the National Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre.

David Cameron visits Great Ormond Street Hospital

2019-09-03T12:59:12+00:00 25 April 2019|

David Cameron tours the new Zayed Centre for Research into Rare Disease in Children.

David Cameron addresses the Development Finance Institutions Forum

2019-09-03T12:59:21+00:00 14 February 2019|

David Cameron discusses how to facilitate more private investment into economies affected by fragility or conflict.

David Cameron meets with NCS students and members of Yorkshire Cricket College

2019-09-03T13:00:43+00:00 13 February 2019|

On a visit to Yorkshire, David Cameron highlights the benefits of NCS and social action.

David Cameron meets with India’s Principal Scientific Advisor in New Delhi

2019-09-03T13:01:00+00:00 30 January 2019|

Visiting New Delhi, David Cameron chairs a roundtable meeting to discuss the potential genomics research could bring to India.

David Cameron visits The Oxford Trust’s new Science Centre at Stansfeld Park

2019-09-03T13:01:07+00:00 25 January 2019|

David Cameron learns more about the innovative ways in which The Oxford Trust is encouraging the pursuit of science and enterprise.

David Cameron supports Bloodwise UK’s Christmas Appeal

2019-09-03T13:01:17+00:00 11 December 2018|

David Cameron delivers a reading at event to support the funding of research into blood cancer.

David Cameron addresses the World Dementia Council

2019-09-06T14:23:32+00:00 5 December 2018|

David Cameron’s speech to the World Dementia Council, five years on from hosting the first Global Dementia Summit.

David Cameron meets with Premier Li Keqiang in Beijing

2019-09-03T11:42:33+00:00 27 November 2018|

On a visit to Beijing, David Cameron discusses bilateral coopetition with China’s Premier.

David Cameron sends birthday greetings to The Prince of Wales

2019-09-03T11:42:21+00:00 13 November 2018|

David Cameron wishes HRH Prince Charles a very happy 70th birthday.

Message of support to Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre Benevolent Fund [VIDEO]

2019-09-06T14:25:23+00:00 9 November 2018|

David Cameron supports fundraising efforts for the new facility that is assisting Service personnel left with deep scars and injuries.

David Cameron joins John Kerry as Co-Chair of Pew Bertarelli Ocean Ambassadors

2019-09-03T13:03:00+00:00 29 October 2018|

Writing in The Telegraph, David Cameron sets out why he is dedicating his time to help galvanise global willpower to respond to the crisis in our oceans.

David Cameron visits Illumina’s Foster City campus in San Francisco

2019-09-06T14:24:24+00:00 10 October 2018|

On a visit to San Francisco, David Cameron tours Illumina’s Accelerator programme that is helping entrepreneurs use genomics to improve – and save – lives.

David Cameron meets Mohamed Nasheed

2019-09-03T13:03:12+00:00 9 October 2018|

David Cameron welcomes the former President of the Maldives to London.

David Cameron meets with the British Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai

2019-09-03T13:03:21+00:00 13 September 2018|

On a visit to Shanghai, David Cameron meets British businesses to discuss the opportunities and challenges of operating in China.

David Cameron meets NCS students in Buckinghamshire

2019-09-06T14:24:38+00:00 8 August 2018|

Visiting Aylesbury Vale, David Cameron joins students taking part in NCS’s outdoor team-building activities.

David Cameron meets with Anwar Ibrahim

2019-09-06T14:24:56+00:00 13 June 2018|

David Cameron welcomes the former Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister to London.

David Cameron launches Coalition for Global Prosperity

2019-09-02T12:24:44+00:00 6 June 2018|

David Cameron makes the case for Britain to remain a force for good in the world.

David Cameron visits Mexico

2019-09-01T16:30:44+00:00 10 May 2018|

David Cameron visits Mexico City to meet with President Peña Nieto, business leaders and civil society organisations.

David Cameron Foreword from ‘Escaping the Fragility Trap’

2019-09-01T16:15:40+00:00 19 April 2018|

David Cameron writes about the challenge of fragility.

Cameron cautions against rush to elections in fragile nations

2019-09-01T16:16:36+00:00 19 April 2018|

Speaking to the Financial Times, David Cameron says it can be a mistake to push for western-style democracy.

I’m proud I championed aid – but we must rethink how we do it

2019-09-01T16:17:45+00:00 19 April 2018|

In fragile states, resolving disputes and building institutions should take priority over a rush to hold elections.

Why simplify goals for fragile states? [VIDEO]

2019-09-01T18:17:45+00:00 18 April 2018|

David Cameron tells CNN's Christiane Amanpour that those giving advice to fragile nations must "be realistic" and focus first on basic needs before elections.

Where next for the fight against corruption?

2019-09-02T11:54:14+00:00 17 April 2018|

David Cameron's remarks at Chatham House.

David Cameron visits Woodford County High School

2019-09-02T12:26:07+00:00 22 March 2018|

David Cameron visits Woodford County High School for Girls to promote National Citizen Service (NCS).

Fragility, Growth and Development: Designing Policy Approaches That Work [VIDEO]

2019-09-01T18:17:37+00:00 13 March 2018|

David Cameron gives evidence to US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

David Cameron opens St Piers School, run by Young Epilepsy [VIDEO]

2019-09-02T12:24:41+00:00 28 February 2018|

David Cameron highlights emotional journey parents face upon child’s epilepsy diagnosis as he launches new school building.

What I learnt from our son’s rare disease

2019-09-02T11:57:28+00:00 28 February 2018|

David Cameron’s son Ivan was born with a neurological disorder that baffled doctors. Now, he writes, genomic testing can end the anguish of uncertainty.

David Cameron congratulates Tickets For Troops on donating one million tickets

2018-06-21T08:22:48+00:00 27 February 2018|

David Cameron congratulates the charity on donating one million tickets to brave servicemen and women.

David Cameron meets with President Xi Jinping in Beijing

2019-09-01T16:43:41+00:00 11 January 2018|

In a visit to Beijing, David Cameron meets with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Corruption: More than a cancer

2019-09-02T11:59:09+00:00 13 December 2017|

David Cameron delivers the 2017 Transparency International Annual Lecture.

David Cameron: I saw a world of darkness getting bigger and bigger [VIDEO]

2019-09-02T12:00:28+00:00 1 December 2017|

David Cameron speaks to the Financial Times about why he joined the fight against Alzheimer’s and how the UK can help find a cure.

David Cameron launches The Fore

2019-09-02T12:01:29+00:00 23 November 2017|

David Cameron speaks at launch of The Fore – an ambitious new funder of dynamic small charities and social enterprises.

David Cameron makes surprise visit to congratulate NCS graduates

2019-09-01T18:23:10+00:00 12 September 2017|

David Cameron made a surprise visit to Warrington to congratulate young NCS graduates.

David Cameron addresses CST Dinner in Manchester

2019-09-02T12:05:40+00:00 12 September 2017|

David Cameron speaks to nearly 500 supporters of the Community Service Trust, including politicians, police and donors from the northern Jewish community.

We still have a long way to go at home and abroad for LGBT equality

2019-09-02T12:07:11+00:00 26 July 2017|

David Cameron writes for PinkNews, marking the 50th anniversary of the Sexual Offences Act 1967.

David Cameron’s citizen scheme is helping the young rewrite their future

2019-09-02T12:08:07+00:00 20 July 2017|

As National Citizen Service celebrates a six-year milestone, David Cameron says its creation is one of his proudest achievements.

NCS can change your life… and it can change our country, too

2019-09-09T16:20:42+00:00 14 July 2017|

National Citizen Service (NCS) gives young people aged 16 and 17 the chance to do something with their summer that will stay with them for life.

David Cameron receives Patchwork Award 2017 [VIDEO]

2019-09-01T18:16:30+00:00 13 July 2017|

The Patchwork Foundation presented David Cameron with a special award for his support as Prime Minister.

David Cameron meets new South Korean President

2019-09-01T18:03:16+00:00 5 July 2017|

David Cameron meets President Moon in Seoul to discuss UK-South Korea co-operation.

The Indian Awards 2017 – Special Recognition Award [VIDEO]

2019-09-01T18:15:52+00:00 22 June 2017|

On being presented with the Special Recognition Award at The Indian Awards 2017, David Cameron spoke of his pride in strengthening the UK-India relationship as Prime Minister.

David Cameron visits UK Pavilion at BIO 2017 [VIDEO]

2019-09-01T18:14:45+00:00 20 June 2017|

David Cameron supports the UK delegation at BIO 2017 in San Diego, California.

Speech to Alzheimer’s Research UK

2019-09-02T12:11:07+00:00 7 June 2017|

David Cameron delivers a speech at the 2017 Alzheimer's Research UK President's Dinner.

David Cameron discusses Bangladesh’s growth at IGC roundtable

2018-06-20T18:45:28+00:00 27 April 2017|

During his first visit to Bangladesh, David Cameron participated in a roundtable discussion in Dhaka on 'State Fragility, Growth and Development: Bangladesh’s Progress'.

Launching the LSE-Oxford Commission on State Fragility [VIDEO]

2019-09-01T18:14:24+00:00 16 March 2017|

David Cameron explains his interest in supporting fragile states and introduces the LSE-Oxford Commission on State Fragility, Growth and Development.

Even in an age of austerity, aid works – we have to keep giving

2019-09-02T12:12:19+00:00 2 March 2017|

David Cameron is to chair the new Commission on State Fragility, Growth and Development, with Oxford University’s Blavatnik School of Government and the LSE.

David Cameron opens Blockchain’s new London office

2019-09-09T16:25:11+00:00 27 February 2017|

David Cameron today opened the new East London offices of the technology startup, Blockchain.

David Cameron visits Illumina HQ to discuss genomics

2019-09-01T18:04:11+00:00 3 February 2017|

David Cameron visited Illumina’s San Diego headquarters to discuss the importance of genomics and continued investment in science and medicine.

Alzheimer’s: A challenge we need to overcome

2019-09-02T12:16:11+00:00 25 January 2017|

David Cameron has been announced as the new President of Alzheimer’s Research UK, the country’s leading dementia research charity.

David Cameron meets with India’s PM Modi in New Delhi

2019-09-01T18:05:47+00:00 2 December 2016|

David Cameron called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi during which the two leaders discussed regional and global issues of mutual interest.

David Cameron wins PinkNews Award in recognition of equal marriage [VIDEO]

2019-09-01T18:12:48+00:00 26 October 2016|

David Cameron has been presented with the PinkNews Ally of the Year Award in recognition of his work securing equal marriage.

I’ve found my first job after politics, building the Big Society

2019-09-02T12:16:23+00:00 11 October 2016|

David Cameron reveals National Citizen Service role as first position after resigning as Prime Minister.