David Cameron meets with President Xi Jinping in Beijing

2019-09-01T16:43:41+00:00 11 January 2018|

During a visit to Beijing, David Cameron held a private meeting and dinner with Chinese President Xi Jinping to discuss the ‘Golden Era’ in UK-China relations that started under his premiership, and plans for a new UK-China Fund.

During the meeting, President Xi called for more mutually beneficial co-operation with Britain under the framework of his Belt and Road Initiative. The President expressed his gratitude at David Cameron’s foresight and efforts in promoting the development of Sino-British relations during his tenure as British Prime Minister. In doing so, President Xi recalled his successful visit to the UK in 2015, which opened the ‘Golden Era’.

“Since taking office, British Prime Minister Theresa May has continued to adhere to the general orientation of the Golden Era of Sino-British relations and maintained the continuous development of bilateral ties” he said. Currently, China and Britain have kept close high-level exchanges, said President Xi, noting that deepening mutually beneficial co-operation and increasing cultural exchanges had brought immediate benefits to the two peoples.

“China is ready to strengthen communication, exchanges and co-operation with the British side, so as to turn the blueprint of the Golden Era into more golden achievements” he said.

David Cameron thanked President Xi for meeting with him and extended his congratulations on the success of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The Belt and Road Initiative will bring new opportunities for bilateral co-operation, Cameron said, adding he is full of confidence on the prospects of bilateral relations and will continue playing an active role in enhancing mutual understanding and co-operation between the two countries, not least through a new UK-China Fund that he is launching.