David Cameron meets new South Korean President

2019-09-01T18:03:16+00:00 5 July 2017|

Article from Korea.net, 5 July 2017.

President Moon Jae-in met with former British Prime Minister David Cameron at Cheong Wa Dae on July 4 to discuss Korea-U.K. cooperation as well as measures to solve North Korean nuclear weapons issues.

“The two of us share the philosophy of fair distribution, increasing social welfare and protecting minorities. In times ahead, Korea will move away from diplomacy that solely focuses on its four neighboring countries toward a kind of cooperation that strengthens ties with the U.K. and the European Union,” said President Moon.

Pointing to Pyongyang’s latest missile provocation, the president said, “North Korea is not responding to the peace feelers suggested by our side, which would pave the road to complete denuclearization. If North Korea does not comply with the guidelines presented by the U.S. and South Korea and crosses the red line, there’s no knowing what our response will be. We hope that North Korea will not choose to cross the bridge of no return. China, though it has been playing its part, needs to take a more resolute stance in order to fully solve the problem.”

“The U.K. worked alongside the U.S. during the denuclearization of Iran, helped to prevent nuclear armament and stopped a potential war. The U.K. will be able to play a similar role in solving North Korean nuclear weapons issues,” said Cameron. “If you, Mr. President, address the heads of state at the upcoming G20 summit with some guidelines on ways to reduce tensions on the Korean Peninsula and to deal with Pyongyang’s belligerent regime, you will no doubt be able to have influence on that stage.”